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Nursery School in Surat at The Learning Nest

Seeds of Discovery Taking Root at the best nursery school in surat

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Overview of tLN's Nursery Program

The Nursery at The Learning Nest is where seeds of knowledge blossom into vibrant saplings. For children aged 3-4 years, this is often their first formal step into the world of learning, and we strive to make it a joyful, meaningful, and enriching experience.

Our diverse curriculum blends fun-filled exploration with structured activities to nurture every aspect of your child’s development.


Language Development

Encouraging early communication through songs, rhymes, and stories.

Number Sense and Math Concepts

Introducing basic math concepts like counting, sorting, and patterns through play and games.

Creative Expression

Unleashing artistic talents through drawing, painting, music, and drama.

Science and Discovery

Igniting curiosity about the world around them through nature walks, experiments, and sensory exploration.

Pre-Literacy Skills

Building phonemic awareness, early writing skills, and an enthusiasm for books.

Social and Emotional Development

Fostering empathy, cooperation, and self-regulation through social interactions and play.

Physical Development

Building gross and fine motor skills through movement games, outdoor play, and creative activities.

Parent Support

Workshops and discussions on child development, parenting practices, and building a strong mother-child bond.

What Makes Our Toddlers Ready for School:

The Blended Way

We seamlessly integrate play, discovery, collaboration, and focused learning to cater to diverse learning styles.

Experienced and passionate teachers

Our dedicated team members provide loving guidance, support, and individualized attention.

Parent involvement

We believe in strong partnerships with parents and offer regular communication and support.

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Focus on social-emotional well-being

We nurture empathy, kindness, and confidence in a safe and inclusive environment.

Technology as a tool

We utilize technology thoughtfully to enhance learning and engagement while maintaining human connection.

Open Communication

Partnering with parents every step of the way through The Learning Nest’s software, workshops, and forums.

Admission Process:

We understand that choosing the right preschool is a big decision. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and get your questions answered. We’ll guide you through the easy enrolment process and ensure a smooth transition for your child.


Suruchi Punamia
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"The Nursery at The Learning Nest has been a haven for my daughter. She comes home every day excited to share what she learned, the songs she sang, and the friends she made. The teachers are amazing, and the environment is truly nurturing."
Reena Parekh
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"I was initially hesitant about sending my son to preschool, but The Learning Nest has exceeded all my expectations. He has blossomed in their care, becoming more confident, curious, and eager to learn new things. Thank you for providing such a wonderful foundation for his education."
Mrs Tulsankar
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“I changed my child’s preschool to The Learning Nest from another preschool. My interactions with Mohini Ma’am and the teachers made it clear that The Learning Nest would be a good fit for my kid. He’s enjoying and learning through play as promised by The Learning Nest.”

Ready to watch your child embark on a magical journey of discovery and growth?

Contact The Learning Nest today to learn more about our Nursery program! We’re excited to welcome you and your little explorer to our vibrant community.

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