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Kg at The Learning Nest

Building Bridges to a Bright Future As The Best Kindergarten School in Surat

Key Highlights of Kindergarten at tLN

Overview of The best kindergarten school in surat

Being one of the best kindergarten schools in Surat, the Kg program at The Learning Nest bridges the carefree world of preschool and the exciting journey of formal education. For children aged 4-6 years, divided into Junior Kg and Senior Kg,

We provide a stimulating environment that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Our curriculum seamlessly blends play-based exploration with structured learning activities, ensuring every child is well-equipped to enter Grade 1 with confidence and enthusiasm.

Syllabus (Junior Kg)

Language Development

Expanding vocabulary and comprehension through stories, poems, songs, and engaging conversations.

Number Sense and Basic Math

Introducing basic mathematical concepts like counting, sorting, and patterns.

Creative Expression

Unleashing artistic creativity through various art and craft activities.

Science and Discovery

We are igniting curiosity about the world around us through nature walks, experiments, and sensory exploration.

Pre-Literacy Skills

Mastering phonemic awareness, pre-writing skills, and a love for books.

Social and Emotional Development

Fostering empathy, cooperation, and self-regulation through social interactions and play.

Physical Development

Building gross and fine motor skills through movement games, outdoor play, and creative activities.

Parent Support

Workshops and discussions on child development, parenting practices, and building a strong mother-child bond.

Syllabus (Senior Kg)

Building on pre-literacy skills

Refining pre-writing skills, introducing letter recognition and early writing.

Preparing for formal reading

Introducing phonics and sight words, nurturing a love for reading.

Building independence and responsibility

Fostering self-confidence and self-management skills to prepare for school life

Developing number sense

Deepening understanding of mathematical concepts through counting, addition, subtraction, and basic shapes.

Enhancing problem-solving skills

Encouraging critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving through engaging activities.

Introducing basic geography and history

Sparking curiosity about the world and its diverse cultures.

What Makes Our Toddlers Ready for School:

The Blended Way

We seamlessly integrate play, discovery, collaboration, and focused learning to cater to diverse learning styles.

Focus on social-emotional well-being

We nurture empathy, kindness, and confidence in a safe and inclusive environment.

Smooth transition to Grade 1

We collaborate with primary school teachers to ensure a seamless transition and academic success.

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Experienced and passionate teachers

Our dedicated team provides loving guidance, support, and individualized attention.

Technology as a tool

We utilize technology thoughtfully to enhance learning and engagement while maintaining human connection.

Open Communication

Partnering with parents every step of the way through The Learning Nest’s software, workshops, and forums.

Admission Process for Kindergarten

We understand that choosing the best kindergarten school in Surat is a crucial step. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and get your questions answered. We’ll guide you through the easy enrollment process and ensure a smooth transition for your child.


Atul Soni
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"The Kg program at The Learning Nest has been instrumental in my daughter's development. She learned so much, made amazing friends, and gained the confidence to enter Grade 1 with excitement. Thank you for nurturing her curiosity and love for learning."
Krina Shah
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"My son was initially hesitant about starting Kg, but The Learning Nest quickly made him feel at ease. The teachers are fantastic, and the curriculum is both engaging and challenging. He learned so much and is now eager to continue his education. We couldn't be happier with our experience."
Mr & Mrs Upadhyay
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“We have twins and both of them have been at TLN since Jr Kg. Earlier they used to fight a lot but now they are in unity with each other. The teachers are amazing and they are instilling proper values in our kids. We are grateful for TLN.”

Ready to guide your child towards a bright future filled with academic success and lifelong learning?

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