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Welcome To The Learning Nest,
The Best Preschool In Surat
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We believe in letting children transform the world today

Our Purpose

As a preschool in Surat, The Learning Nest’s purpose is to promote a rich, fun filled meaningful early learning environment for nurturing holistic growth of every child. We strive to support every child in building a foundation for lifelong learning. The fundamental principle of The Learning Nest is to create an environment that imparts human values and develops life skills in children through focused experiential learning methods. It thrives on bringing forth a profound understanding among students & parents of how each learning can develop & make a difference in their lives, their families, their social circle & their organizations. Our learning approach is “The Blended Way” wherein every child learns through play, free discovery, collaboration, integration, interaction, initiative, concentration, and learning to take responsibility for their actions.
The Learning Nest Pree School in Surat

Our Founder

A proficient early-childcare expert and a passionate educator, Mohini’s entity speaks of her love for the tiny tots and their learning. Mohini has a strong legacy in dealing & taking care of kids under the age of six stemming from the fact that she has groomed thousands of kids for over a decade after completing her education abroad for the same. She takes pride in serving our society by providing exactly the kind of nurturing that your child needs during their young age.

Mohini is a perfectionist who leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every child gets the very best at all times. Having a strong belief that parents and preschool are partners in a child’s growth, Mohini personally rejoices in taking workshops and counseling new parents through their parenting journey. When she’s not working with or thinking about children, Mohini is found deeply engrossed reading spiritual books, traveling or engaging in a creative activity.

What Makes Us The Best Preschool In Surat

Experiential Learning

Experience-based 360° methodology to inculcate a sense of love for learning in your child through a fun & caring environment.

Unique Curriculum

Uniquely integrated value-based curriculum ensuring every day with your child is intricately mapped out to perfectly nurture them.

Blended Pedagogy

Creating a mix of pedagogies to give your child global exposure in addition to catering to current educational requirements.

Best Preschool near parle point

Proficient Team

Every individual is amazing, but together, we are fabulous. A team of tight-knit & talented professionals with the vision of serving the future leaders of India.

Supporting Technology

Using technology to broaden the exposure, utilizing it as an aid to complement and reinforce teacher-student learning.

Open Communication

Partnering with parents every step of the way through The Learning Nest’s software, workshops, and forums.

Your Child’s Future Is Up For A Big Boost

At The Learning Nest, we strive to make the first five crucial years that define the future of your child, as enriching as possible by focusing on the holistic growth & development of your child.

We are currently spreading this goodness at Parle Point, Surat. Our vision is to spread this through our varied well-designed programs.

Our Nest Of Programs As A
Preschool In Surat

An enriching foundation program designed for children aged between 2 to 6 years for defining the formative years of a child’s life. We strive at activating your child’s innate desire to learn.

360-degree holistic programs encompassing a plethora of activities designed to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, linguistic and intellectual development of all kids right from babies to young schoolers.

A Program that offers everything that an expecting mother can do in their pregnancy to raise a smarter, happier baby in every aspect of mind, body, and soul wellness.

Women-only fitness program to ensure that women develop their stamina, endurance, flexibility, mobility & accomplish their fitness goals.

A Place to Grow and Play

Pre School Timings

Location Address

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Learning Nest is a preschool in Surat that offers programs like Playgroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten for preschoolers.

The Learning Nest follows a blended approach to teaching that emphasizes play-based learning, creativity, and critical thinking.

The Learning Nest is unique for its blended approach, caring and experienced teachers, and safe and nurturing environment.

The student-to-teacher ratio at The Learning Nest is 10:1, ensuring personalized attention and support for each child.

The teachers at The Learning Nest are highly qualified and experienced in early childhood education.

The Learning Nest maintains a secure and safe environment through measures like CCTV surveillance, background checks, and safety drills.

The Learning Nest fosters social and emotional development in preschoolers through activities like storytelling, music, and outdoor play.

Extracurricular activities at The Learning Nest include dance, yoga, and language classes, as well as field trips and celebrations.

The fee structure at The Learning Nest is competitive and inclusive of all facilities, resources, and activities provided to the child. You can contact us or visit us to know more about the same.

Parents can stay informed about their child’s progress through regular parent-teacher meetings and progress reports.

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